Thanks for your interest in our lab!

Students in the lab work on various topics on the evolutionary biology of amphibians and reptiles. Most are currently working with frogs, but past students have worked on other groups such as lizards and snakes.

Almost all recent research in the lab involves phylogeny-based research questions, which has lead to projects in behavioral ecology, mimicry systems, phylogeography, fossils, evolution of visual and acoustic signals, taxonomy, bioinformatics, and biodiversity.

I’m particularly interested in students who want academic careers in research. If you are interested in a PhD primarily as a means to a position at a teaching university, or as an administrator, then other programs will better meet your goals.

Admission to the Ecology, Evolution, and Behavior program at UT is highly competitive. Students interested in working in the lab should contact me in September-October, before submitting application materials. It’s not necessary to have a fully developed research project, but you should have some general idea of what you’d like to work on.

The deadline for application is 1 Dec. You can find specific information at EEB Graduate Program. Please contact me if you would like more information.